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Thanks for your visit to Custom Wood Floors  FREE  Inquiry - Quote page. Simply fill out our inquiry form below, making sure to fill in the REQUIRED fields and this information will be passed to an outlet that has the material in stock and is ready for shipment. We do the shopping for you, from several outlets. By them having in stock material, ready for shipment, often will cost much less. You have the choice to do business with the vendor that responds to your E-mail request. We ask that you use our form below when you are close to making a decision on which type of  wood floor products you will be purchasing now or in the near future.  Our participating manufacturers, distributors, and outlets represent some of today's BEST Hardwood Flooring Manufacturers, including, Decorative Flooring the Premier Manufacturer of Accents, Borders, Domestic Species, Exotic Species, Feature Strip, Inlays, Marquetry, Mixed Media, Medallions & Crest, Painted, Parquet, Parquetry, Plank, Reclaimed & Recovered, Distressed

We are a wood floor information and material source site, we do not sell products. Our service puts you in contact with material sources. Look to that source for all contacts, sales, contracts, arrangements, warranties, and guarantees. All communications should be made with the Seller of the Wood Floor Products. Please use this form for serious inquiries, NOT just shopping prices, and request must be over 100 square feet. THANKS ! Also see our newest up to date Hardwood Floor Information site HardwoodFloorsOnline.com

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Custom Wood Floors:
Accents, Borders, Crest, Inlays of metal and exotic species, Medallions & Specialty-Bamboo,  Cork, Mixed Media

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Custom Wood Floor Pictures | Custom Wood Floor Gallery

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